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We know that our employees are fundamental to our success and we are committed to attracting, appointing and retaining qualified, motivated staff with the right skills and experience to ensure the delivery of a quality service and to support our values. 

Recruiting the right people but in the shortest and safest time for the benefit of our patients is vital.   The Trac Recruitment Toolkit provides you with all the information you need to advertise, shortlist and schedule interviews for a post.   It also tells you how to appoint external candidates.

However,  a new streamlined process has been introduced for Internal Appointments - you need to use Trac, but the number of employment checks and the way they are undertaken has been reduced for internal applicants.    The new Internal Appointments Toolkit provides you with all the information you need to undertake this

Job Evaluation

Trac Recruitment Toolkit

Internal Appointments Recruitment Toolkit

Internal Career Development Scheme

Apprenticeship Academy


Recruitment links:-

Recruitment Resource library Cardiff & Vale UHB

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit.

NWSSP Recruitment page for C&V UHB

Recruitment general

Trac Recruitment

CV List of Approvers - 29 August 2023

Trac Authorisers - Medical Posts


Cardiff and Vale Recruitment Booklet 

CAV Recruitment Booklet English Version

CAV Recruitment Booklet Welsh Version

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