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Outpatient Appointments


Your Appointment

You will be notified of your appointment by letter, card, telephone call or a text message containing an internet link to the Health Boards secure Patient Portal.  All communications will contain the necessary information about your appointment including the date, time and location and may include additional reading material.  The Patient Portal will include a link to a digital appointment letter and an assistive tool to read or translate your letter. 

To help the Health Board use valuable appointments wisely please let us know immediately if you are unable to attend.  This will allow us to either arrange a more convenient date or offer the appointment to someone else.  Failing to inform us of a cancellation could result in you being referred back to your General Practitioner.

We may also ask you to use one of our automated services to let us know if you are able to attend your appointment, these services are:-

  • An automated confirmation telephone line - you will be asked to enter your date of birth to use this service.
  • A text message reply.
  • The Patient Portal, initiated with a text message, you will be asked to enter your date of birth and a secure PIN code to use this service.

The Health Board provides appointment reminder services through a text message or an automated telephone call.  If you wish to discuss our reminder services please let the receptionist know when you attend your next appointment.  The Health Board would like to reassure you that your personal information is processed securely and will not be used for marketing purposes.  The Your Information, Your Rights leaflet explains why information is collected by NHS Wales and how it may be used.

Travel and parking information is available at our Sustainable Travel, Transport and Traffic pages.

If you have another appointment question you may call the Appointment Booking Centre on 029 2074 8181.  The opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Closed weekends. You may be asked to queue during our busiest call times. We welcome phone calls in Welsh and in English.

Text Message Validation Process 

As part of a new validation process as agreed with Welsh Government, we are sending out SMS and physical letters to patients on our waiting lists. 

Patients are being sent a text message with a link to view a digital letter / questionnaire and can only access this by following the URL and inputting their PIN found in the text and their date of birth. 

If you have been sent one of these messages, please follow the instructions outlined in the text or call 02921844162 for more information. 

Before You Arrive at Hospital

Please remember to bring the following with you when you attend:

  • Your hospital card or letter (a digital letter is perfectly acceptable)
  • Any specimens you have been asked to bring (if you need to bring them in a container, please make sure it is thoroughly washed and clean before you use it)
  • Your medication card and / or any medication you are currently taking
  • Your current allowance book if you are receiving Income Support or Family Credit
  • Your glasses if you are attending an eye clinic
  • A list of questions you may like to ask the doctor or nurse
  • Small change for refreshments
  • A book or magazine to read if you are on your own
  • Any changes in personal details, such as address or phone number

Digital Patient Letters

On Arrival at Hospital

Many outpatient clinic areas are operating a self-service check-in facility.  Please take time to thoroughly check your details are up to date and let the receptionist know if any changes are required.  If you are unsure where to find the clinic you are attending please ask at the Main Reception Desk. 

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