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Our Health Board Structure

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is one of the largest NHS organisations in Europe. We employ approximately 14,500 staff and spend around £1.4 billion every year on providing health and wellbeing services to a population of around 472,400 people living in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. We also serve a wider population across South and Mid Wales for a range of specialities. 

Our vision is to create a community where healthy life choice does not depend on who you are or where you live.

We are a teaching Health Board with close links to the university sector, and together we are training the next generation of healthcare professionals while working on research that will hopefully unlock the cures for today’s illnesses.

Our Services
  • Primary, community and intermediate care services: Offering first-line health services at GP surgeries, dentists, optometrists and a range of therapy and community-based services accessible as close to home as possible.
  • Acute services through our two main University Hospitals and Children’s Hospital: Providing a broad range of medical and surgical treatments and interventions.
  • Tertiary Centre: We also serve a wider population across Wales and often the UK with specialist treatment and complex services such as neuro-surgery and cardiac services.
  • Public Health: Improving the health of our population and reducing inequalities. Providing preventative health care information and advice including access to health and well-being services. 
  • Corporate Services: Providing the support services required to run an integrated health system across Cardiff and Wales ensuring patient safety, governance, quality assurance, performance and excellent delivery of all services.
Our Structure

We have a workforce of around 14,500 staff who consistently deliver high-quality services to all of our patients. Our organisation is structured and designed into eight Clinical Boards which cover our four main service areas and much more. 

The eight Clinical Boards were created in June 2013 and have been successful in providing strong leadership in clinical areas and have resulted in the acceleration of operational decision-making, greatly enhancing the outcomes for patients in their care. The Boards are held to account via the Executive Directors and a process of scrutiny is ensured through monthly performance boards and a robust authorisation process.  

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Public Health

Corporate Services

Children and Women Clinical Board  |  Clinical Diagnostics and Therapeutics Clinical Board  | Medicine Clinical Board  |  Mental Health Clinical Board  |  Specialist Services Clinical Board  |  Surgery Clinical Board

Primary, Community and Intermediate Care Clinical Board

General Medical Services  |  General Dental Services  |  Community Pharmacy Services  |  Optometry Services  |  North West Clusters  |  South East Cardiff Clusters |  Vale Clusters


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