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Recruitment - Checking and Authorising References

References will continue to be requested by Shared Services and the appointing manager will be advised via Trac once the reference(s) has been received.

On receipt of the reference or references the Appointing Manager will be required to check and approve the requested reference using the guide.

If you can't see this download button (trac) button please contact Recruitment Shared Services as the reference maybe hidden.

Once you have approved or declined the reference(s), Recruitment Shared Services will be notified by Trac and the status will be updated to reflect the authorisation.

In addition to references, using the dashboard, you as a manager will be able to view the information relating to your specific post.

pre employment checks

Once all pre employment checks (also known as PECs) have been completed, Shared Services will advise when it is appropriate to agree a start date and a contract of employment will be sent to you for issue.  

Once you have access to Trac follow each of the stages below:

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