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Step 1

Review the current post or new requirement, particularly the Job Description Person Specification also known as JD/PS English/Saesneg JD & PS   Welsh/Cymraeg JD & PS 

The following questions will help you follow the correct path:

Is this an exact replacement for the previous post holder with no changes to the JD/PS?
- If YES, proceed to Step 4, If NO, proceed to Step 2
Is this a replacement for the previous post holder with minor changes the JD/PS?
- If YES, proceed to Step 2
Is this change going to result in a completely new post?
- If YES, proceed to Step 2 - At this point a provisional discussion with your Financial Accountant is advised.

Step 2

New & changed jobs / Skill mix / Role re-design

If the current post no longer meets the requirements of the service, or changes / amendments need to be made to the JD/PS (please use latest JD and PS templates or your role will be returned] or if this is a completely new post, the appointing manager will need to discuss the amendments with a Workforce and OD representative. [Please note that if you make any amendments to JD/PS you will need to use 'Tracked Changes' on all submissions or your JD/PS will be returned].

- If you are advised by Workforce and OD that the changes are minor and will not result in a change of grade, then please proceed to Step 4.

- If the changes are significant and warrant a grade review, Workforce and OD will advise that the post will need to be reviewed at an Agenda for Change Job Matching panel. Once confirmed the appointing manager can proceed to step 3.

- If this is a new post, please refer to the New and Changed Jobs Protocol.

Step 3

Provisionally discuss availability of funding with your Financial Accountant:

Many managers, will regularly meet with their financial accountants to discuss establishments and funding. At this point you may already be aware of your financial situation and have discussed provisional funding availability.

Should this not be the case, obtain provisional agreement with your financial accountant on affordability before proceeding.

All recruiting managers will need to be provide the following information as part of the Trac Vacancy Authorisation process:

Where is the funding for this post being generated?

What is your current financial position?


Please confirm this post is fully funded within existing budgets or if it is a new post that the source of funding is secured (recurrently for permanent posts in all cases )and that in either case this has been signed off by the Department/Clinical Board Head of Finance

Step 4

Amend outdated terminology in the JD/PS
Ensuring the JD/PS is up to date and free from discrimination is essential.

The test of what might reasonably be understood as indicating an intention to discriminate is whether an 'ordinary, reasonable person with no special knowledge' would think the advertisement is discriminatory.  Guidance has also been developed to help you understand what a job description should and shouldn’t include. 

The following phrases are  still being found in adverts, job descriptions and person specifications - some alternative wording has been provided:

Flexible  - change to 'Flexible approach to work' or 'Flexible approach to meet the needs of the service'

Car owner essential - change to 'Ability to travel between sites in a timely manner to meet the needs of the service'

'X' years experience - remove number of years. Add 'significant' or 'substantial' experience if necessary

Physically fit - must state exact requirements, e.g. 'Needs to reach and bend to pick items from the floor and from shelves'

Reliable work record - remove from JD/PS

Outside interests - remove from JD/PS

Managers should refer to Human Resources for advice if there is any doubt as to the wording contained in any documentation.

Step 5

ESR Position Number
Every post must have an assigned ESR position number.

If this is an exact replacement post – all budget holders will have access to a Departmental Staff in Post Establishment list which includes the ESR position numbers. This information can also be accessed via Share Point or by contacting Workforce Information on 029 2074 1205 (4-1205).

If however this is a new post or an existing post requiring amendments, an ESR position number will need to be obtained by completing an Establishment Amendment Form

Once received and processed, the Workforce Information team will send an email to the line manager concerned confirming the new ESR position number.

Step 6

Documentation checklist
Before you proceed, review your checklist to make sure you can answer yes to the following questions:.
  • Do you have an agreed Job Description and Person Specification? 
  • Do you have the completed Occupational Health Form [English/Welsh]?
  • Have you reviewed the NHS Wales Welsh Language Requirements?  Please note that when your Job Description has been finalised then the Job Description and Person Specifciation need to be translated into Welsh and both English and Welsh versions of each must be posted on adverts how to translate Job Descriptions and Specifications into Welsh
  • Do you have an appropriate ESR number? 
  • Do you know your Cost Code? 

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to all question in Step 6 and you have completed the first section at the top of the Occupational Health form to reflect the position - proceed to the Creating a vacancy request subpage.

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