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Values Based Recruitment

What is Values Based Recruitment (VBR)?

Values Based Recruitment (VBR) is an approach which attracts and selects students, trainees or employees on the basis that their individual values and behaviours align with the values of Cardiff & Vale UHB.

It is about enhancing existing processes to ensure that we recruit the right workforce not only with the right skills and in the right numbers, but with the right values to support effective team working and excellent patient care and experience.

The key outcome from the process is to attract a candidate who is technically skilled, has appropriate experience, who shares our values and has a desire to do the job.

VBR process

What is Values Based Interviewing?

The values based interview incorporates the values throughout the entire interview.  It focuses on how and why the candidate has made certain choices in their work, evaluating using the UHBs values and behaviours.  

The Values Based Recruitment guidance document can be found here.

There is training available for recruiting managers - please email LED or telephone [02921] 847834

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