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Recruitment - Creating a Vacancy Request

The Creating a Vacancy Request Guide  illustrates the process for completing an electronic advert request on Trac.

The Trac system reduces form duplication, and allows the appointing manager to track the vacancy from pre authorisation stage through to the confirmation of start date.
These aspects can all be viewed in your unique personal dashboard located on your Trac homepage.

In addition to the PDF guide, the following hints and tips based upon frequently asked questions are useful:

creating a vacancy FAQs

Further questions and answers...

Q: Where do I input the length of time I wish the advert to be live?
To confirm how long you wish the post to be advertised for, in the 'Add note' field at the foot of the page, please state 7 days, 10 days or 14 days etc.

Q: Do I need to use the Longlisting tab?
No. There is now requirement to use this function.

Q: What criteria do I use in the shortlisting section?
 Criteria can be ‘copy and paste’ from the person specification. Your criteria should include Essential & Desirable allowing all shortlisters to assess the candidates fairly against the full criteria of the post.

Q: What internal documents should I add?
 The Occupational Health Form (English/Welsh) must be added to the ‘Internal Documents’ field with the first section completed to reflect the details of the post.  Business case can also be added if you wish.

Once you have access to Trac follow each of the stages below:


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