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Annual Leave

Annual Leave

This toolkit applies to staff on AFC terms and conditions only.


Annual leave entitlements are part of your contract of employment.  It is an important part of work-life balance and is necessary for the physical, social and psychological well-being of colleagues, who are often working under considerable pressure and stress.      

All annual leave requests are granted subject to the needs of service provision.  It is the manager or supervisor’s responsibility to coordinate annual leave to maintain an adequate level of staffing while taking into consideration annual leave requests. Your annual leave should be recorded by ESR self serve if you have access or on your Annual Leave Request Authorisation Form and must be authorised by your manager.

The aim of this toolkit is to provide advice and guidance on the calculation of annual leave and public holiday entitlements as defined under the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service. 

The toolkit allows you to quickly download the required forms and there are Frequently Asked Questions to give guidance on common annual leave queries. 

Annual Leave Tools

Annual Leave Guidelines

Annual Leave Calculator 2020/21

Annual Leave Calculator 2021/22

Recording Annual Leave on ESR Self Service

Annual Leave Frequently Asked Questions

Annual leave ESS link  

UK Public (Bank) Holidays 

Requesting Annual Leave on ESR

Annual Leave Purchase Scheme  

The Annual Leave Purchase Scheme will continue to be offered to UHB staff for 2021/22. The scheme enables some staff to take more than their standard contractual annual leave entitlement during 2021/22, without taking the big dip in salary that would usually be associated with taking unpaid leave.

The Annual Leave Purchase Scheme means that staff can apply to 'buy' up to two weeks additional annual leave and spread the reductions in their salary over a 3,6, or 12 month period. Staff will be asked to confirm in advance the dates on which they would like to use the additional annual leave, so that managers can plan for this absence. This will ensure that there is no negative impact on the quality of patient care we deliver and that there are no additional costs to the UHB.

The UHB, however, reserves the right to reject a member of staff’s application to buy additional annual leave if the absence will have a negative effect on the day to day delivery of services or adversely affect the team.**

**n.b. Individuals who are also carrying annual leave over from 2021/21 due to additional pressure on the service because of Covid-19 must ensure that the total additional annual leave for 2021/22 (i.e. annual leave which is purchased plus the annual leave which has been carried over) does not exceed 10 days.**

Requests for additional annual leave must be made using the application form to your Line Manager by the following dates:

• Friday 26 February 2021 for repayments over 12 months
• Friday 3 September 2021 for repayments over 6 months
• Friday 26 November 2021  for repayments over 3 months

Guidance on how the scheme will operate has been developed, along with detailed information about how to submit an application. There are also Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to support staff who are interested in finding out more. Alternatively, you can contact the Human Resources Advisory Team on or by phoning Tel: 02921 836287 [Ext 36287].

Annual Leave Purchase Scheme Tools

Annual Leave Purchase Scheme Request Form

Annual Leave Purchase Scheme Rules 

Annual Leave Purchase Scheme Frequently Asked Questions



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