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Employee Engagement Toolkit

Welcome to the Employee Engagement Toolkit!

You are probably on your way to improving staff engagement in your team(s).  Searching for helpful approaches and learning new ways are likely to build on your current skills and talents and hopefully will energise your efforts at engaging others.

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This Toolkit has some practical examples and information to help staff, line managers, senior managers and the Workforce & OD team to work together in increase staff engagement and make the UHB a ‘better place to work and learn’.

The Toolkit has been created by pulling together techniques currently in practice and used by managers, Workforce & OD professionals and the Service Improvement Team.  We hope that you find the contents useful and supportive.  We always welcome feedback, if you have any suggestions on how the resource can be improved please contact a member of the Workforce & OD Team.

Cardiff & Vale UHB has been working hard to improve staff engagement and it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the ‘Staff Engagement Strategic Framework 2017-2020'.  This Framework  sets out what staff engagement is, why it is important, key roles, reflects on what we have already implemented and how we propose to enhance staff engagement across the Health Board.   


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