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EHIA toolkit


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We have previously undertaken Equality Impact Assessments when developing or reviewing UHB strategies, policies, plans, procedures or services.  

This has ensured that we have considered impact on people with protected characteristics and met a number of statutory /mandatory requirements. The consideration of impact on inequalities in health or on the social determinants of health has not been included to date.

The UHB has now developed a combined approach, bringing together the Equality Impact Assessment and the Health Impact Assessment into a single tool.  The new tool, Equality & Health Impact Assessment (EHIA), also takes into account the requirements of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act that places a wellbeing duty on public bodies in Wales. 

Using the EHIA from the outset and during development stages of any strategy, policy, plan, procedure or service will help us to identify those most affected by the proposed revisions or changes and enable us to engage with them to ensure their needs are at the centre of our work. It will result in a set of recommendations to mitigate negative, and enhance positive impacts. Throughout the assessment, ‘health’ is not restricted to medical conditions but includes the wide range of influences on people’s well-being including, but not limited to, experience of discrimination, access to transport, education, housing quality and employment. 

EHIA Tools

Undertaking Equality Impact Assessments, A staff guide (including template)

(n.b. Please read guidance notes in Appendix 1 and the template before attempting to complete the form. The completion of the form will usually involve more than person due to the nature of information required to complete it fully)

Equality & Health Impact Assessment Template

Equality & Health Impact Assessment – process flowchart

Additional Support

For additional support, including comments on any drafted EHIAs, please email Keithley Wilkinson, Equality Manager or tel 02921 836281 [ xt 36281] or Sue Toner, Principal Health Promotion Specialist by email or on 02920 336224 (internal 36224).

The NHS Centre for Equality and Human Rights has further information about EQIAs and links to other organisations which may help you find the evidence you need to complete your EHIA.

Copies of all previously completed EQIAs and EHIAs are published on the UHB website.

Welsh Language and Equality Impact Assessments

When drafting new policies for the organisation, you must consider how it will impact on the Welsh Language. Here are some guidelines to help you. They provide some points to consider and links to documents that will help you assess the impact on the language.

Equality Impact Assessment and Welsh Language Guidelines


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