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Employee Engagement- line managers

The line manager’s role in engaging employees is extremely important.  Particularly influential behaviours are:

  • Reviewing and guiding
  • Giving feedback, praise and recognition
  • Encouraging autonomy and empowerment
  • Communicating and making clear what is expected
  • Listening
  • Valuing and involving the team
  • Being supportive

line managers and engagement

What Can Line Managers Do?

This section gives you some practical advice about actions you can take to engage your staff.

We've already seen that engagement is important for morale, well-being and performance, and that there is considerable agreement about the drivers of engagement. The key question for any line manager is, what can I do to raise engagement levels in my team?
With such a wide-ranging list of things that can influence engagement levels, it can be difficult to know where to start, and what will have the most impact. It might help to think about what you can do firstly to help your team, and secondly to understand and improve your own management style:

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