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Engagement - organisational messages

Senior leaders should support their HR practitioners in their attempts to ensure that people-management policies and processes are applied consistently and fairly across the whole organisation.

Ensure that all people-related policies and processes are clear and accessible

They need to be clearly signposted on the intranet, with explanatory notes and illustrative examples. Managers might need training in how to apply these policies and processes accurately and fairly. All staff will need to know who to contact in HR if they need help in understanding them.

Take every opportunity to promote good job design across the organisation

This might be during a recruitment exercise, although there will also be opportunities when departments or functions are being restructured.

Ensure that the impact of engagement interventions is monitored and evaluated 

Examples might be a well-being programme for all staff, or a training intervention for all line managers or for a particular group of staff. The evidence will help you to demonstrate what works and what is less successful, which in turn will assist you to use scarce resources in the most cost-effective way.

Above all, act as a role model

If line managers are told to behave in an engaging way, but observe the senior leadership team behaving differently, it will be hard for them to know which behaviours to follow.

In addition: 
  • Use the NHS staff survey results to find out how the senior team is viewed
  • Participate in 360 or 180 degree feedback, even if the results are uncomfortable
  • Read case studies of good practice, such as those on the NHS Employers website, to find out how engagement scores could be improved
  • Be as honest, open and accessible as possible to the line and to staff.




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