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Social Work

The CF social worker is aware of both the day to day and long-term impact that a chronic health condition can have on those living with CF and can assist with many everyday concerns to try and make life a little easier. Social work support can be accessed as little or often as needed, whilst in hospital or in the community, face to face, virtually, or by email, text or telephone.  

Advice can be given about many available social resources and how to access them, in addition to assistance and advocacy on a range of issues such as:



Supporting young adults from paediatric to adult care, co-working with the CF Youth Worker and Clinical Psychologists.



Applying for student grants or benefits and making sure the college or university know about any specific needs that might arise due to having cystic fibrosis.

Extra help available if you are a full-time undergraduate student with a disability | Student Finance Wales


Looking for suitable work, planning on a change of career, reducing your hours, or need to know about your rights, you might be entitled to claim whilst working.

Permitted Work Rules - Entitledto

Disability rights: Employment - GOV.UK (

Grants & Welfare Benefits

Support to see if eligible for grants, DWP benefits (Personal Independence Payment, Universal Credit etc), form filling and appeals.

Browse: Benefits and financial support if you're disabled or have a health condition - GOV.UK (

Turn2us Benefits Calculator

Grants (


Understanding your options when you're wanting to move into place of your own and whether you're eligible for any grants to help you get settled in, letters of support.

Housing - Citizens Advice


Finding out about the Motability car scheme, vehicle tax exemption, the blue badge scheme, travel pass concessions, help with hospital travel expenses.

Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS) - NHS (

Motability Scheme - The Car and Scooter Scheme for disabled people

Identity & Diversity

Who you are, the way you think about yourself, the way you are viewed by the world and the characteristics that define you.

Equality and diversity – what’s the difference? | Unionlearn


Relationship Issues

Relationship issues with significant others and during periods of change when difficult decisions need to be made.

Relate | The relationship people

Support for Carers

Being a ‘carer’ for a family member or friend with a chronic health issue can have a considerable effect on the lives of those who take on this role.

We’re here to make life better for carers - Carers UK


Help at Home

Getting advice about support if you're having difficulty managing at home

The Care and support at home work of Social Care Wales | Social Care Wales

Bereavement and End of Life Support

For both patients and their family or significant others when facing this difficult time of life.

Bereavement and cystic fibrosis



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