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Please note that this webpage is currently being updated. If you are unable to locate a policy within the A-Z, please scroll below the table for additional policies in alphanumerical order.


2015 KW EQIA receipt of applications for detention

Administration of Subcutaneous Chemotherapy in the Community Guideline 


Apomorphine Administering Procedure Via Sub-Cutaneous Infusion Device to In-Patients with Parkinson’s Disease



Management of Performance Concerns Framework

Management of Ovarian Cysts and Other Adnexal type Cyst Imaged on Ultrasound

Management of Parenteral Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Policy and EQIA

Management of Parenteral Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Procedure

Management of patients/visitors in possession of alcohol or unprescribed/ illegal substances policy & procedure and EQIA

Management of Throat Pack Policy and Procedure and EQIA

Managing Breaches of Good Clinical Practice or the Study Protocol

Medical Equipment Management Policy

Medical Equipment Management Procedure

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and  EQIA



Non Medical Prescribing Governance Framework

Nutrition and Catering Policy/EHIA for Inpatients


Chaperone Policy and EQIA

Choice Protocol

Community Treatment Order Policy & EHIA

Community Treatment Order Procedure

Conduct of Hospital Managers Power of Discharge Protocol

Confirmation of an Expected Death Policy

Conscious Sedation in Adults Procedure

Consent to Examination or Treatment under the MHA 1983 Procedure

Consent to Imaging Examination and Treatment Policy and EQIA

Covert Medication Administration

Covert Medication Flowchart 

Creutzfeldt Jakob-Disease (CJD) Procedure and EHIA

Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment 


Obtaining Capacity and Capability Confirmation for Research to Start 

Operational Policy for Integrated Community Mental Health Teams and EQIA

Operational Procedure for Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic




Data Protection Guidance For Researchers and EQIA


P / Q



Ectoparasitic Procedure and EQIA




Fetal Remains, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Procedure








Handling Spilled Cytotoxic Drugs Procedure



Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Developmental Hip Dysplasia and Dislocation – A Protocol and EHIA

I / J


V / W
Working with Volunteers 


K / L



UHB 003 - Child Abduction Policy - EQIA

UHB 004 - Infection Control Procedure for Meticillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) in Acute Hospitals

UHB 009 - Interventions Not Normally Undertaken Policy

UHB 011 - Acute Pain Management Guidelines (Adult) and EQIA 

UHB 016 - Domestic Abuse Guidelines for The Emergency Unit and EQIA

UHB 017 - Labelling Of Specimens Policy

UHB 018 - Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) Policy

UHB 019 - Infection Control Protocol For Needlesticks and Similar Sharps Injuries and EQIA

UHB 030 - Provision of Intraoperative Cell Salvage Policy - EQIA

UHB 191 - Swab Instrument and Sharps Count - Policy and Procedure - EQIA

UHB 224 - Optimising Outcomes Policy and EQIA / Optimising Outcomes Policy Supporting Procedure

UHB 302 - Managing Amendments for UHB Sponsored Research

UHB 324 - The Laser Risk Management Policy and Procedure - EQIA

UHB 333 - NHS Wales Policy for Making Decisions on Individual Patient Funding Requests (IPFR) - EQIA

UHB 340 - Receipt of Applications for Detention under the Mental Health Act 1983

UHB 341 - Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales Guidance

UHB 403 - Intraoperative Cell Salvage Procedure - EHIA

UHB 491 - Consent to Examination or Treatment Under the Mental Health Act 1983 Policy

UHB 502 - Deteriorating Patient Policy

UHB 505 - Observation & Enhanced Engagement Procedure

UHB 507 - Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) Procedural Guidance

UHB 509 - Clinical Audit Policy

UHB 510 - Procedure for Review and Implementation of NICE, Health Technology Wales Guidance and All Wales Medicine Strategy Group

UHB 513 - Welsh Language In-patient Policy


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