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Healthy Working Relationship (Respect and Resolution)

As a UHB we’re committed to supporting our employees to work in a positive workplace which promotes healthy working relationships. We know from evidence that it’s the quality of our interaction that means the most. It determines not just our own wellbeing but impacts on the service we provide to our patients and other service users.

We know it’s not about ‘just getting on’, our communication with each other should be meaningful and add value to our work. We are all different and sometimes those relationships break down. We recognise conflict and disagreements in the workplace happen, but these conflicts should not always be viewed negatively. When conflict is managed well it leads to healthy, resilient and positive working relationships.

Since the launch of the Government’s A Healthier Wales, it is even more important for us to do whatever we can to improve how we work with each other. In full partnership with NHS, trade unions and Welsh Government experts and leaders across Wales, we have developed this very different approach.

You can find further, more detailed information on this new approach on the NHS Wales Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) Website

The Respect and Resolution Policy is a huge step in assisting our managers to contribute to embedding a positive culture of managing difficult relationships with the aim to secure constructive and lasting solutions to workplace disagreements, conflicts and complaints. It has replaced the UHB’s previous Dignity at Work Policy and Grievance Policy.

We strive for a workplace where everyone can engage with each other constructively and use the toolkit available to seek their own resolution as far as possible.

In this toolkit you can find information on the Respect and Resolution Policy and the 'How to’ procedures, resources and the forms and paperwork you need.   If you have any questions about this Policy or the Toolkit please contact HR on tel: 02921 836287 [Ext 36287] or email on


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