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Organisational Change

At times of organisational change it is important to ensure that support, guidance, training and development opportunities are made available to all affected staff.

The Organisational Change Policy (OCP) sets out the principles that apply in managing internal organisational change within NHS Wales.   It also provides guidance on the processes to be followed when:

  • consulting
  • introducing change
  • anticipating and preparing for change
  • managing employees at risk of displacement
  • filling posts during periods of organsiational change
  • pay and conditions of service need to be protected
  • employees are at risk of redundancy
  • employees have been displaced and are seeking redeployment
Key Resources:

Organisational Change Policy Cymraeg English


Frequently Asked Questions

Redeployment Registration Form

Redeployment Scheme Agreement Form

Trial Period Record Form

Flow Chart procedure for redeployment of displaced staff

Managing Change - a leaflet for staff

Managing Change - a toolkit for managers

Managing change checklist

You can also find lots of useful information about supporting staff through change on our Employee Engagement Toolkit.



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