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People & Culture Teams

At Cardiff and Vale, we pride ourselves on being a great place to train, work and live; with inclusion, wellbeing and development at the heart of everything we do.   As a team, our primary purpose is to improve the experience of our staff so that they can deliver health and care to the highest level possible.  

The People and Culture Plan is the road-map that will help us achieve this, both now and in the future.   By delivering the Plan we will have people with the right skills, in the right number, at the right time; thereby reducing duplication and waste and avoiding harm wherever possible.   We want our people to be happy, healthy and supported, so that they can in turn, support the wellbeing of the people in their care.  

Each of the teams within People and Culture play a key role in delivering this ambition.   Click on the links to find our more about what we do and how to get in touch with us:


Education, Culture & Organisational Development

(previously LED)

E-Rostering Project Team

Medical Resourcing & Systems

(Previously Medical Workforce)

People Assurance & Experience

(previously Workforce Governance)

People Resourcing


Equity & Inclusion

(previously EDI)

Health & Safety

People Analytics

(previously WFIS)

People Health & Wellbeing Services:

Employee Wellbeing Service

Occupational Health

OH Physiotherapy

People Services

(previously HR)

Senior Team:


Rachel Gidman - Executive Director of People & Culture

Lianne Morse - Deputy Director of People & Culture 

Claire Whiles Assistant Director of Organisational Development, Wellbeing & Culture 

Jonathan Pritchard Assistant Director of People Resourcing


We work closely with our Trade Union colleagues.   To find out more about being in a union and what they do contact Dawn Ward, Chair of Staff Representatives of follow the link to the Trade Union page. 


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