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Employee Wellbeing Service


Due to Covid-19, most of our appointments are being done via telephone or video - for this you will need to find a location where you can stay for the duration of the appointment in private without interruption. Please ensure that the number we have for you is the one you wish to be contacted on. If you are struggling to find a private place for your appointment, please discuss this with us when booking your appointment. 

From time to time we all need support. This support is available, but it can be difficult to know where to turn. The Employee Health and Wellbeing Service is here to help you access the support you need. We are a self-referral service that offers a range of interventions for people with mild to moderate mental health conditions.  Managers and colleagues do play and important role in signposting staff to access this service, however, it is important that the individual self-refers. 

Who are the Employee Wellbeing Team? 

The Employee Wellbeing Service is made up of counsellors, Assistant Psychological Therapy Practitioners, and a clinic coordinator. As employees of the health board, the team know the workplace context, culture, policies, procedures and can signpost you effectively to both internal and external local services. 

Resource Appointment

We offer an initial Resource Appointment which is an opportunity for you to come and talk about any issue or situation, home or work-related. The appointment can last up to an hour, so you will have plenty of time to talk through your situation. The aim of the Resource Appointment is to give you the resources to work through your issues.  After a Resource appointment you may be given a number of resources to work on, referred to a more appropriate service, offered Guided Self Help (CBT interventions), or offered up to 6 sessions of brief focused counselling. 

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