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Health and Safety Policies

Please note that this webpage is currently being updated. If you are unable to locate a policy within the A-Z, please scroll below the table for additional policies in alphanumerical order.





Management of Asbestos Policy and EQIA

Management of Violence and Aggression (Personal Safety) Policy 

Management of Violence and Aggression (Personal Safety) Procedure

Mental Health Clinical Board Lone Worker Protocol

Minimal Manual Handling Policy and EHIA

Minimal Manual Handling Procedure


Bomb Threat / Identification of Suspicious Package Procedure


No Smoking and Smoke Free Environment Policy and EQIA

No Smoking and Smoke Free Environment Procedure


Care of Adult Patients with capacity who are Violent or Abusive

Contractors Policy and EQIA
Contractor Policy Appendices:
Appendix 1 - Checklist before the start of contract
Appendix 2 - Management of Low Risk Work
Appendix 3 - Management of High Risk Work
Appendix 4 - Pre Qualification Questionnaire
Appendix 5 - Contractors Information Sheet
Appendix 6 - Safety Rules for Contractors
Appendix 7 - Contractors General Code of Practice
Appendix 8 - Asbestos - Authorisation to Proceed Form
Appendix 9 - Control of Contractors Quick Guide
Appendix 10 - Job Registration Form
Appendix 11 - Fire Safety - Authorisation to Proceed
Appendix 12 - Contractor Monitoring Guide Form

Control of Hand Arm Vibration Exposure at Work Procedure

Control of Ignition Sources in Hafan y Coed Procedure

CCTV Closed Circuit Television Policy and  EQIA

CCTV Control and Use Operational Procedure

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)  and EQIA



Decontamination of Reusable Medical Devices Procedure

Decontamination of Reusable Medical Devices Policy and EQIA

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) and Eye Test Procedure  and EQIA

P / Q

Patient Hoist Sling Inspection Procedure and EQIA

Prevention and Management of Violent & Aggressive Situations & Psychiatric Emergencies Procedure


Environmental Policy and EQIA

Environmental Procedure


Risk Assessment Procedure - Health and Safety


Fire Safety Procedure

Fire Safety Procedure - Cardiff Royal Infirmary

First Aid at Work Policy

First Aid at Work Procedure and EHIA


Safe Use of Ionising Radiation Policy 

Security Services Policy and EQIA

Sharps Management Policy



Thermal Comfort Procedure 


Hand Decontamination Procedure 

Handling Cytotoxics During Pregnancy Procedure and  EQIA

U / V

Violent Warning Marker Procedure and EQIA

Violence & Aggression (Personal Safety) Policy 

I / J

Immunopenotyping Users Guide


Water Safety Policy and EHIA

Water Safety Plan

Waste Management Policy & Procedure and EQIA

K / L

Lone Worker Procedure

Latex Allergy Policy and EQIA

Latex Procedure



UHB 021 - Health and Safety Policy and EHIA

UHB 022 - Fire Safety Policy and EHIA

UHB 493 - Personal Protective Equipment Procedure

UHB 504 - Fire Safety Management Arrangements

UHB 506 - Mental Health Clinical Board Risk Reference Panel

UHB 516 - CF Special Infection Patient Consultation Room / Outpatient Review Procedure

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