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Medical Honorary Contracts (Non-Consultant)

What is an Medical Honorary Contract? 

A Medical Honorary Contract is the mechanism by which a Doctor can access Cardiff & Vale UHB facilities and information, whether that be for work, research or training, when they are not employed directly by the relevant Cardiff & Vale UHB.   

Honorary Contracts are issued to NHS employees who typically require; 

  • access to NHS patients and/or 
  • access to NHS premises and/or 
  • access to NHS patient data, tissues or organs and/or 
  • will have a direct impact on patient care. 
An individual MUST NOT commence any activities within the Cardiff & Vale UHB until all employment checks have been completed & honorary contract is issued.

Digital Application Process:

Below is a link for you to go in and complete a new digital online Honorary Contract Application:

(Please allow 5 weeks when selecting a starting date to allow to all approvals, PECs and referencing to be completed in time)

(Please note this needs to be completed by the department requesting and NOT THE DOCTOR OTHERWISE IT WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED)


You will need to be logged into to NHS Wales Nadex Account or Remote Working Setup to complete this form!

Once you have submitted the application the system will follow the new automated process, below outlines what happens:

  1. System automatically sends a request for approval to the selected Clinical Board Director
  2. Email is sent to Medical Resourcing & Systems & the Supervising Consultant to acknowledge receipt of the application
  3. Once we have a response back from the Clinical Board Director, the system can then take two routes which depends on if approved or rejected…
  4. If approved, The System will then automatically inform the MR&S Department and start the onboarding cycle
  5. An email will then be sent to the doctor to start the onboarding process, which includes all the required documents needed and what we require from them
  6. Once all checks are completed, a contract will then be automatically issued to the doctor
  7. If rejected, the supervising consultant , person requesting the contract and MR&S Department are emailed to be aware this has been rejected and is then advised to contact the CBD for a reason on this.   
Any queries please contact
Please complete as per the above NHS to NHS Procedure for Honorary Contract guidance



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