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Hearing Aid Repair Services

COVID-19 update

In line with current COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to run a walk-in repair service, at University Hospital of Wales or West Quay Medical Centre.

If your hearing aid requires a repair please contact us using our contact details below to be triaged, or post your hearing aid to us for repair.

Servicing your hearing aid

Your hearing aid should be serviced every 6 months in order to maintain the sound quality. If you are interested in servicing your hearing aid yourself, please contact our department to arrange for tubes to be posted to you.

Please see our Retubing for Ear Moulds and Retubing for Thin Tubes guides for further information. You may also find the following videos helpful:

If you're having problems with your hearing aid, you may be able to easily solve them at home. View our troubleshooting guide for ear moulds and troubleshooting guide for thin tubes to find out more. 

Postal Services

Please enclose the hearing aid and a brief description of the problem, along with the hearing aid, your name and date of birth.  It will be serviced as soon as possible and returned via hospital second class post, with no extra cost. If you would like your hearing aid to be returned first class, please enclose five first class stamps when posting your hearing aids.


All batteries are provided free of charge on a yearly basis. Please email or phone us using the following contact details to request batteries to be posted to you. 

In order to reduce the carbon footprint please ensure that you recycle your batteries at your local recycling centres or supermarkets. For further information about how to recycle your batteries please see 'Recycling in Audiology'.

Department contact details

  • Phone: 02921 843179
  • Mobile: 07805670359 (text only)
  • Email:
  • Address: Audiology Clinic, Clinic 9, Outpatients Department, University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park Way, Cardiff, CF14 4XW

Please note: Our walk in repair clinic is currently closed. Please contact the department or post repairs to the above address.