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Audiology Services

COVID 19 Update 
As of March 2020, the walk-in repairs service has been closed. 

Need advice or have a broken hearing aid? 
Contact: 02921 843179 or 07805670359 (text only) or email


What is Audiology? 

Audiologists are healthcare professionals who identify, assess, and manage disorders of hearing and balance. 

How to Use Our Services 

New patients will need to contact their GP (or other Health Professional within the hospital) for a referral to your Audiology department. 

Returning patients with a hearing aid do not need repeat referrals. You can access our services directly for hearing tests and hearing aid repairs. 

Repairs of your hearing aid should be done on a regular basis (every 6 months) and repeat hearing tests should be performed every 3 years.  

Please contact us directly to arrange a repeat hearing test every 3 years.  

Our contact details:  02921 843179 or 07805670359 (text only) or email 

Attending or Cancelling Appointments 

Contact us below to reschedule or cancel your appointment: 

02921 843179 or 07805670359 (text only) or email 

Please do not attend your appointment if you or someone in your household has tested positive or has symptoms of COVID such as, a new or continuous cough, a fever or a loss or change in your sense of smell or taste.