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Audiology Services

COVID 19 Update

As of March 2020, the walk-in repairs service has been closed.

If you require advice, or if your hearing aid is broken, please contact:
02921 843179 or 07805670359 (text only) or email

Alternatively, you can post your hearing aids for repair to: Audiology Clinic, Clinic 9, Outpatients Department, University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park Way, Cardiff, CF14 4XW. 

For further information on hearing aid repairs please see 'Hearing Aid Repair Services' 

In order to comply with social distancing rules please do not attend the department without an appointment. 

‚ÄčWhat is Audiology?

Audiologists are healthcare professionals who identify, assess, and manage disorders of hearing and balance. Our department provides a comprehensive adults and children service situated in several sites across Cardiff & Vale. 


How to access our service

For new patients who suspect they may have a hearing loss or are struggling with tinnitus you will need to contact your GP for a referral to your Audiology department. We will also accept referrals from other Health Professionals within the hospital. 

Once you have been issued a hearing aid you can access our services directly, you do not need a repeat referral from your GP for hearing tests or for any repairs of your hearing aid. 

Repairs of your hearing aid should be done on a regular basis (every 6 months) and repeat hearing tests should be performed every 3 years. Please contact us directly to arrange a repeat hearing test every 3 years. 

Our contact details:  02921 843179 or 07805670359 (text only) or email


Hearing Aid Repairs

Our walk in service is currently closed. 

To enquire about hearing aid repair services please contact us on 02921 843179 or  07805670359 (text only) or email
Alternatively, you can post your hearing aids to us to repair. 

For further information on hearing aid repairs and guidance on how to repair your hearing aid at home please see the 'Hearing Aid Repair Services' tab to the left of the screen. 



If you have any enquires please contact us on:, Phone: 02921 843179 or 07805670359 (text only)

The helpline/telephone lines can be very busy at times.  If you are unable to get through please email or text us with a contact number, name and date of birth and we will endeavour to contact you back as soon as possible.