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Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award

Sliced Banana, strawberries and blackberries

Cardiff and Vale Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award Cardiff and Vale Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award is open to day nurseries, Flying Start groups, playgroups, meithrins, childminders and after school clubs. They can achieve the award if healthy snacks and drinks are provided and guidelines on hygiene and the eating environment are met. If a group meets this criteria and has a member of staff trained in nutrition, they can achieve the ‘Gold Plus’ award.

Being part of the scheme shows a commitment to children’s health and encouraging good eating habits. It shows that a setting is putting recommendations from the Food and Nutrition for Childcare Settings  into practice.

From September 2015, those who are part of the scheme will be asked to display the snack award logo for parents and families to see.

The award is overseen by the Public Health Dietetics Team and supported by a multi-disciplinary implementation group.  The work of the snack award links with the Welsh Government Healthy and Sustainable Pre-School Scheme.