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Toxicology Laboratory

The Analytical Toxicology Laboratory was established in 1974 and provides an analytical toxicology service to hospitals and other healthcare organisations in the district.

The Laboratory operates an emergency analytical facility for clinical toxicology, that is, the study of chemicals and poisons on the human body.  In addition, services for drug and volatile substance abuse screening and therapeutic drug monitoring are provided.  The laboratory employs a wide range of analytical techniques including immunoassay, chromatography and mass spectrometry in both routine and research applications.

Contact Us

Results Enquiries: 029 2071 6894
Fax: 029 2035 0142

Laboratory operating hours are: 08:30 - 17:00 Monday to Friday

Toxicology Weekend/Public Holiday Laboratory Service

For urgent ethylene glycol, methanol or paraquat requests outside the Toxicology Laboratory operating hours please contact the Biochemistry on-call medic through switchboard to discuss sample transfer to an external laboratory for analysis.  Other analyses (including thiopental) are not available out of hours.

Note that as of April 2021 methotrexate is analysed 7 days a week at UHW.

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