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Notification of Change

In order to improve the service to our users we have made some changes to our repertoire Validation/verification of these assays has been performed.

Changes include:

Sweat testing (Chlorocheck)

ELF -HA and TIMP ELF score (Centaur)




Organic acids (GCMS 5977B)


Plasma Metadrenalines (Sciex 6500)


GAD antibodies (DSX)


IA2 autoantibody (DSX)

ZnT8 (DSX)

Anti-mutated Citrullinated Vimentin  (MCV) antibodies

Oestradiol (Centaur)

Thyroglobulin (Alinity)

Antiarrythmic drug panel (LCMSMS)

Transferrin assay (Centaur)

Sickle (TQSu)



However some of these assays now lie outside our scope of accreditation as assessed by UKAS. UKAS have been informed and will assess these changes as an extension to scope of our accreditation in  2024. This is normal procedure when changing analyser platforms/methodology