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Clinical Trials

In conjunction with the Haematology department, Medical Biochemistry and Immunology offers a clinical trials service for:

  • Commercial projects (sponsored by an external company)
  • Non-commercial projects (government-funded, for example NHS or university departments)

Administration and setup fees are as follows:

Commercial Trials £250
Non-Commercial Trials < £1500 £50
Non Commercial Trials >=£1500 £150

This service includes registration of the trial (assign a unique number, complete necessary paperwork, provide labels for the research samples), ongoing monitoring (co-ordinate any issues with testing, produce results as required) and providing an invoice once the trial is complete.

For a quote, please contact us with your detailed requirements - email with the following information:                                         

  • Commercial or non-commercial clinical trial
  • Type of tests required (please see our department homepage and available tests)
  • Number of samples to be tested
  • Required turnaround time for results

We will review your requirements to ensure that they can be met, and if so provide a quote to complete the necessary testing.

When carrying out a test that is part of a clinical trial, it must be clear to everyone concerned in the process that this is the case – any test requested by a clinician that is not routine, and would not normally be carried out for the clinical management of that patient, must be funded as part of a clinical trial (and should not be requested as a standard NHS test).


Sarah James (Clinical Trials Co-ordinator)              Email:

Dr Dev Datta                                                               Email: