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Endocrinology Laboratory

The Endocrinology Laboratory provides a comprehensive analytical and advisory service for the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, and specialist investigations for other hospitals within Wales and across the UK. The department is a UKAS accredited Medical Laboratory No:8989 and there is a full programme of Quality assurance.

There are strong links with the Cardiff University School of Medicine with regular review of cases, service development and research.

Mass spectrometric methods have been introduced for a number of steroids and our section includes the Hormone Supraregional Assay Service (SAS). Our SAS-accredited assays are thyroglobulin, insulin and c-peptide and 17(OH) progesterone in serum, blood spot and salivary specimens.

We offer an advisory function for all assays and aim to ensure that HCPC-registered Clinical Scientists and Biomedical Scientists with particular responsibility for these services are available to give interpretative advice and accurate information in response to any enquiries.

Information for Patients

These laboratory services cannot be accessed directly by patients - a referral from a GP or specialist doctor is required (depending upon the condition involved). If you have any questions about the services available and how these can be accessed by you or your family, please contact your GP to discuss. They should also have information about the funding of these tests within your area as this varies both within and outside of the UK.

Current Service List

Endocrine Test Repertoire - view online or download.


General enquiries PD-BIO-EndoRepertoire r44.pdf

Rachel Hunt (Lead Biomedical Scientist)

Clinical advice

Dr Carol Evans (Consultant Clinical Scientist) ,  029 21848367

Sarah Tennant (Clinical Scientist) , 029 21845863