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Routine screening 

Our pricing policy is to charge for each test we perform. As a consequence, we will no longer be able to estimate the charge for work we will carry out prior to our investigations. In order to ensure that only necessary tests are performed and charged for, it is very important that relevant clinical details are included with every referral. 

Please refer to the Sample Advice section for help in choosing the most appropriate samples to send in relation to the patients' clinical state.

Clinical trials and private patients

Please contact the Porphyrin laboratory (029 2184 3565) if you require further information or advice. 

Out of hours urgent referrals

Due to increasing demand on our service, regretfully we have been forced to add an additional charge to any tests we perform outside our normal working hours. A charge of £81.93 will be added to the routine prices for each urgent analysis performed between 17.15 to 08.45 on weekdays and throughout the weekend.