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Resource Appointment

A resource appointment is an opportunity for you to come and talk to a mental health practitioner about any issue or situation, home or work-related. The appointment can last up to an hour, so you will have plenty of time to talk through your situation.

At your Resource Appointment the counsellor will attempt, through listening, reflecting and asking questions, to:

  • Get a 'full enough' story and find out how the situation or issue is affecting you (in thoughts, feelings and behaviour)
  • Understand the issue or situation within the broader context of your life
  • Understand the history of the situation and where it is at this time
  • Look at 'what helps' and 'what makes it worse'
  • Affirm your current ways of managing the situation and help you to remember how you have used strengths and resources in the past
  • Work with you to generate options regarding the issue or situation
  • Look at what support and resources exist for you already, and consider what other resources may be useful to you

This may include :

Any UHB employee can come for a Resource Appointment and the service is free for all UHB employees.