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Values Based Appraisal Discussion - Recording the Outcome

The outcome of the Values Based Appraisal discussion must be recorded on ESR.  The core pieces of information that must be recorded are;

  1. Date of the Values Based Appraisal
  2. Placement on the Career Conversation Framework
  3. Personal Development Plan
  4. Pay Progression [more information]
For instructions on how to upload the Values Based Appraisal to ESR, please click here
1. Date of the Values Based Appraisal
You are able to record an appraisal more than once a year.  This would normally be the case if you have a new staff member or someone who needs short term support and their development needs or placement on the framework changes.  You would record this in the same way as the Annual Appraisal.
2. Placement on the Career Conversation Framework
Wherever someone is on the framework at this point, they do not necessarily have to remain there for 12 months.  After any review meeting, if you both agree, you are able to record a new appraisal and placement on the framework.
3. Personal Development Plan
It is important that you record all development needed by the individual directly onto ESR (not just attach the VBA paperwork) to allow it to be included in the Learning and Education planning.  This includes any internal and external development, formal and informal training, mentoring, shadowing and job swaps whether paid or free opportunities.  This will help us develop training and support more efficiently and effectively in the future.
Instructions on recording the Personal Development Plan on ESR can be found here
4.  Pay Progression
You have the option to record pay progression at this point but you are also able to come back and record it at a later date if you prefer. More information on the Pay Progression process can be found here
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