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Values Based Appraisal Toolkit

We want to ensure we develop and nurture engaged and motivated staff with the skills and confidence to live up to our values every day. Appraisal is important both for staff and the organisation and the new Values Based Appraisal (Appraisal) is designed to support and encourage staff to reach their potential.

Values Based Appraisal is for everyone and is a focussed conversation around development and recordable outcomes for staff.  Your appraisal should cover the development you need, the value you bring, and the position(s) that best suits your skill now and into the future.

"Evidence from research linking patient deaths with key HR practices: Appraisal has the strongest link with overall patient mortality.
A hospital which trains approx 20% more appraisers & appraises approx 20% more staff & is likely to have 1,090 fewer deaths per 100,000 admissions."

Source: Effective Human Resource Management & Lower Patient Mortality, Carol Borrill & Michael West, Aston University

All staff who carry out appraisals should attend training at the earliest opportunity.  Most staff will need to attend a half-day training session to update their skills.  If you are a new manager, inexperienced in running appraisals or would just like to refresh your skills, you may prefer to attend the full day sessions which are also available.



The Values Based Appraisal Conversation Guide Booklet
Guidance Booklet
The Values Based Appraisal Recording Document
Recording Form
The Self-Assessment Tool
Self-Assessment Tool





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