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Orthotics Service

Image of a brace and a sling.


    The orthotics service caters for the needs of some 7,000 people in a variety of settings to patients in the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board catchment area.  The orthotic Service provides range of orthotic products (also referred to as orthoses) to support patients clinical need.  Orthotic products provided can be performed, modular or custom-made and there is a plethora of available types to reduce pain and to protect or enhance the function of most body areas.


    The orthotist will carry out a full evaluation of the patient before formulating a treatment plan which for most, will include the provision of an orthotic product.

    The orthotist ensures that the prescription orthosis will reflect the most appropriate solution to meet the clinical needs of the patient and that the patient’s wishes are given a high priority when selecting the orthosis with specific reference to choice.

    Measurements or an impression may be taken to ensure the right sized orthosis is provided.  You may receive an off the shelf orthosis at your first appointment but more often it will be specially ordered or made for you and you will need a second appointment.

    The orthotist will explain to you what you should expect from your orthosis and when and how to wear it.

    The orthotic service provides care for both inpatients and outpatients and for children and adults at a number of centres across the health board.

    The range of products include

    • Lumber supports
    • Leg braces
    • Footwear (stock and made to measure and shoe alterations)
    • Insoles
    • Elbow clasps
    • Collars, Helmets
    • Wrist splints

    How to contact the Orthotic Service.

    To contact the Specialist Orthotic Service for Cardiff, please call 02921 848100 and then pick option 2 for the Orthotic Service.

    This is commissioned at health board level, If you are not in the Cardiff and Vale Health board then please contact your own health board to find your local service.

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