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The Limb Prosthetic Service

On referral to the Service, all individuals are assessed. Where appropriate this will lead to the manufacture and provision of a suitable prosthesis and subsequent training to assist in its use

Service Description: ​​​​​​

To provide medical triage, input, reviews to patients pre and post amputation, and patients with congenital limb loss, in children and adults.

To provide medical guidance and information to patient’s pre-amputation surgery as part of the ALAC Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) To diagnose/ triage issues with post amputees known to the service before, during or after prosthesis provision.

To support the ALAC MDT in providing walking rehabilitation to patients with complex needs and co-morbidities

To provide specialist clinics in paediatric limb loss (with paediatric orthopaedic colleagues) and complex stump issues (with plastic surgery colleague)

WHSSC Commissioning Policy: CP89 – Prosthetic Provision

WHSSC Commissioning Policy: CP221 – Recreational and Sport Prosthetics for people under the age of 25

WHSSC Commissioning Policy: CP218 – Microprocessor Controlled Prosthetic Knees

How to contact the Limb Prosthetic Service.

To contact the Limb Service, please call the service nearest to you:

Cardiff ALAS: 02921 848100    Option 3 - Limb Prosthetic Service

Swansea ALAS: 01792 703015

Wrexham ALAS: 03000 850055




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