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Electronic Assistive Technology Service

National Centre for Electronic Assistive Technology Wales

The Electronic Assistive Technology Service Wales (EAT) provides a holistic assessment, trials, long term loan, maintenance and withdrawal service that aims to enhance our patients’ independence, mobility and ability to communicate.  The EAT service is made up of four services as below but to a large extent operates as a single entity with a common referral pathway, triage and treatment regimen, but the final provision (usually a medical device) can be operated in one or several areas (below). The Service is provided by a range of registered healthcare professionals that include Clinical Scientists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Clinical Technologists, support by unregistered support staff e.g. Administrators and Technical Instructors. Patients are reviewed clinically and the devices provided undergo a technical review to ensure continued safe use

Assistive and Augmentative Communication (AAC)

Within this element of the EAT Service assessment, trial, long term loan, maintenance and withdrawal are undertaken. In most clinical cases, the patient requiring this aspect of the Service has a severe communication deficit, usually involving speech but also language. This Service is commissioned centrally on an All Wales basis by WHSSC.

Environmental Controls Systems (ECS)

Within this element of the EAT Service we assist people aged over 12 years of age who have a limiting physical disability to operate a wide range of equipment and/or appliances within their desired environment.  The equipment we supply can help alleviate or compensate for an injury or impairment, and can help maintain or increase independence.  Equipment can be controlled using various methods, such as switches operated using any controllable body movement or direct access using special keypads.   The main use of an ECS is to give accessible controls for:

  • Security – door locks, intercoms
  • Communication – telephones, text, email
  • Comfort – lights, heaters, fans
  • Entertainment – television, Sky, Radio, DVD

​​​Computer Access (CA)

Within this element of the EAT Service we provide assessment, advice and loan of equipment to help people with a range of physical impairments to use their computer. The patient must have their own computer and be familiar with its basic use. Assessment is carried out in the patient’s home or occasionally school/college/day centres. The service allows some patients to continue working on a computer, prevents social isolation and provides entertainment which provides many psychological benefits.

WHSSC Commissioning Policy: CP93 – National Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) Specialised Aids

How to contact the Electronic Assistive Technology Service.

To contact the Electronic Assistive Technology Service, please call 02921 848100 and then pick option 5 for the Electronic Assistive Technology Service.

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