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Artificial Limb and Appliance Service

Welcome to ALAS

The Artificial Limb and Appliance Service (ALAS) is committed to providing a consistent and equitable service to people in Wales who have a permanent or long-term impairment.  Our services are provided on a lifetime basis, with approximately 150 staff employed (medical, nursing, therapy, technical, administrative and managerial) who work closely as a multi-disciplinary team with contractors and suppliers to deliver a suitable solution to maximise our users’ potential for rehabilitation into their community

Our goal is to get it right first time, every time, striving to exceed our users’ expectations whenever possible.  Safety and quality remain at the core of everything we do, allowing staff to be able to provide the most appropriate model of care in the best possible environments to do what they do best day in day out – delivering high quality, safe care.

The Service provides assessment and provision of equipment for essential posture and mobility needs for disabled people.

The Welsh Artificial Limb & Appliance Service is committed to providing an excellent rehabilitation service to people with an impairment. Our objective is to maximise ability and minimise disability.

The Artificial Limb and Appliance Services are commissioned on an all Wales basis by WHSSC. These services are provided by centres in South East, South West and North Wales.

The Artificial Limb & Appliance Service operates from three separate centres:

  • Cardiff ALAC
  • Swansea ALAC
  • Wrexham ALAC


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