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Wheelchair Service

Posture and Mobility Service

The Posture and Mobility Service assess for and provides manual and powered wheelchairs cross Wales.  The service provides the delivery, collection, repair and maintenance of the wheelchair equipment.  In South Wales there are approximately 45,000 long term users who require essential wheelchair and seating equipment ranging from a straightforward issue to an individual assessment for specialised and powered wheelchairs, including special seating.


Identifying Unwanted/Old Wheelchairs.

The Posture and Mobility service in Wales loses 100’s of manual and powered wheelchairs each year, mainly because families are unsure where their relatives acquired them from initially. 

Referrer Training Programme

We run courses that allow health professionals who refer patients to the Wheelchair Service in Wales to improve the quality of the information they provide to us. If you would like more information, or would like to attend a course, please see the Referrer Training section of the website.

Measuring Clients for wheelchairs

Listed here are a set of videos designed to help you measure your clients for wheelchairs.

Wheelchair User Safety Guide

The Wheelchair User Safety Guide aims to cover safety and user instructions that are common to all types of manual and powered wheelchairs supplied by the Posture and Mobility Service. For specific information on your wheelchair refer to the Owner’s Manual supplied with your chair, or consult with your therapist who will help you with your individual needs.


WHSSC Commissioning Policy: CP59 – All Wales Posture and Mobility Service


How to contact the Posture and Mobility Service.

To contact the Posture Mobility Service* please call the service nearest to you:

Cardiff ALAS: 02921 848100    Option 1 – Wheelchair Service (Posture Mobility)

Wrexham ALAS: 03000 850055

Swansea: 01792 703015

* The Posture and Mobility Service includes Specialist Seating, except in Swansea


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