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Treatment with students

The University Dental Hospital is a teaching hospital and needs patients who are suitable for treatment by supervised trainees.

You are eligible for treatment only in the following circumstances (except in an emergency for the relief of pain):

  • You are not registered with a dentist.
  • You should be able to attend the Dental Hospital during normal working hours (ie 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday).
  • You will need to agree to be treated by supervised trainees.
  • Treatment will always take longer than in a General Dental Practice so you should be willing to spend 1-2 hours with us on each visit.

If you wish to register for an assessment of suitability for treatment with our undergraduate students, please call the Dental Hospital to complete an application form.

After being screened by trainees who are supervised by qualified staff, the treatment you require will be discussed with you and you will be told whether or not you are suitable for treatment by trainees.  Once this has been agreed you will be placed on a suitable waiting list. Please be aware that this waiting list is not governed by any NHS Waiting List targets and as such you will only be invited for an appointment when your treatment needs match that of student education.

Failure to attend on two consecutive occasions, regardless of whether you telephoned to let us know, may lead to discharge if the senior member of the clinical staff feels that this has disrupted the student’s education.

Emergency Treatment

If a dental emergency arises whilst you are undergoing a course of treatment, you will be eligible to attend the Emergency Clinic at the University Dental Hospital. Patients under current treatment with an emergency must phone 02921 842415.  This number is available Monday to Friday, except for Bank Holidays.

Once your course of treatment has been completed you will be discharged from the University Dental Hospital.

You will be expected to find a dental practice for your continuation of care.

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