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How does a Paediatric Psychologist help?

We help everybody differently and have many different techniques, but some of the things we may do include:

  • Asking questions, talking and listening to you tell us about the things that you have difficulty with or that you might want help for.
  • Asking you to keep a diary of certain feelings, behaviours or symptoms so we can get to know them together.
  • Playing special games or drawing to help us get to know you.
  • Finding you a group that you could join to meet other people who are having similar difficulties.
  • Meeting with your family or the staff that work with you separately, to help them help you.

You may only need one or two meetings, or you may need more. It varies for different people and problems.

Is our service confidential?

It is important for us to keep what you say private.

It is sometimes useful for other people such as your family, school or medical team to know some things in order to help you. We will discuss with you first what information you want to share.

The only time we wouldn’t keep things private is if we were very worried about you or someone else, when we would need to tell someone about it in order to keep everyone safe.

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