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When might a Paediatric Psychologist be involved?

We are often asked to meet with children and their families, usually because they are having a tough time in one way or another. Meeting with a psychologist gives people a chance to think, talk about things and to come up with some new ideas.

We help children and their families with all sorts of difficulties, for example:

  • Treatments that might cause you worries.
  • Supporting you to live with your medical condition.
  • Helping you make positive changes.
  • Thinking about strong feelings such as being sad, scared or angry.
  • Helping you cope with taking tablets or having blood / medical tests (often with help from the play team).
  • Helping you make choices about your treatment.
  • Helping you manage when you are in pain.
  • Coping with tiredness and feeling down.
  • Coping with changes in your body. 
  • Helping you to talk through worries about the future.
  • Dealing with feelings related to your condition like feeling different.
  • Helping with specific problems like sleeping, eating, moving or using the toilet.
  • Helping you to discuss worries about school.
  • Coping with health problems that may get worse when you worry.

If I need to see a Psychologist, does that mean there’s something wrong with me?

No, it does not mean this at all. But lots of the young people and families we have seen told us that before they met their psychologist this was a big worry for them.

It can be very hard having a physical health problem and going through the normal ups and downs of being a child, teenager or family member. The psychologists are there to help talk through these ‘ups and downs’ that many people who come to the hospital go through, at one time or another.

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