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Boy kssing baby while sitting on a bench

When your child is admitted to PICU, it is natural for their brothers and sisters to feel confused and upset too.  It is important to remember that their understanding of the situation may be different to yours and it is important to encourage them to ask questions and say how they feel.  Give them simple explanations about what is happening.

You may decide to let them visit PICU, and the nurse caring for your child will support you to do this.  Encourage them to bring something in with them for their brother or sister such as a drawing or card they have made, as this may help them to feel involved.

It is not unusual for your well children to feel upset when they are away from you or have changes in their daily routine.  Try to keep things as normal as possible for them.   It is important that they spend time with you, either by visiting hospital or by you spending time with them at home.

You may also wish to explain what is happening to your child’s school teacher.

As a team on PICU, we promote a family centred approach to care – this means that we wish to help and support the whole family during your stay in hospital.

If siblings are unwell they should not visit the PICU. Please check with the nurse in charge before you bring children or small infants onto the unit.

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