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Leaving PCCU

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The Consultant caring for your child will decide when they are well enough to leave PCCU.

They will no longer require the intensive monitoring, medical and nursing care they have received during their stay.  It is also a time of change and adjustment, which can sometimes cause concerns for you as a parent.

Your child will be transferred to the Children’s High Dependency Unit, one of the Children’s Wards or they may go straight back to their local hospital.

They will be cared for by a team of experienced staff.  During this time, you will find that some things are done differently to the way you have been used to on PCCU.

Your child will now need less frequent monitoring as their condition will have improved.  They no longer require one to one nursing care. This means that the nurse caring for your child will have other children to look after as well.

This will allow you to become much more involved in your child’s daily care and recovery.

The PCCU nurse caring for your child will explain what to expect before, during and after your child leaves PCCU.  You may be given the opportunity to visit the new ward and be introduced to a member of the nursing team if you feel this would be helpful.

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