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Transplant Nurse Specialists

The Kidney Transplant Nurse Specialists are Eiddwen Glyn and Sharon Warlow.  The Pancreas Transplant Nurse Specialist is Dawn Chapman.

Eiddwen, Sharon and Dawn provide education and support to patients following transplant surgery. Their role includes:

  • developing educational material for patients to promote health following surgery
  • providing links between the community, hospital and primary care teams
  • participating in the transplant clinic and supporting patients
  • providing phone links to patients for information
  • co-ordinating numerous investigations and treatments such as Cytomegalovirus (CMV) prophylaxis and immunosuppression medication regimes
  • Dawn is also responsible for potential pancreas/kidney recipients during their pre-transplant work-up stage and is their main point of contact during their time spent waiting for their transplant. 

Recipient Nurse Specialists

The Recipient Nurse Specialist is Kymm O’Connor.

Kymm provides education, support, information and counselling to potential renal and pancreas recipients throughout South and West Wales. Her role has a further two main areas of focus: communication, and the maintenance and monitoring of the transplant waiting register.

Recently Kymm has assumed another role, that of Transplant Recipient Co-ordinator, and works with three other colleagues in providing an on-call service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Their main role is to support our patients awaiting organ donation. This includes facilitating the retrieval of organs and tissues from donors in intensive care units and contacting the recipient and arranging the transplant process.

Kymm can be contacted on 029 2074 2453 or via E-mail: Kymm.O'

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