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Cardiff and Vale Health Inclusion Service

Our Mission:

  • To provide timely and comprehensive health assessments including public health screening for individuals who find it challenging to access healthcare and are not registered with a GP.
  • To provide patient centred care and immediate treatment to patients in need, whilst making appropriate onward referrals to other services.
  • To support and empower these individuals to register at GMS Practices.


Our Vision:

  • To improve the health and wellbeing of individuals who find it hard to access healthcare by the delivery of a high quality health screening service and community orientation.
  • To work with our partners towards reducing health inequalities in Cardiff and Vale.



The Cardiff and Vale Health Inclusion Service (CAVHIS) is a service development, which launched on Tuesday 28th September 2021. It involved an expansion and re-branding of the previous Cardiff Health Access Practice (CHAP) based in Cardiff Royal Infirmary. The original service was focused on the provision of a health assessment and public health screening for Asylum seekers in the initial phase of Home Office assessment process.  The revised service model provides access to public health screening and short term support for a wider cohort of individuals who find it hard to access healthcare and who are not registered with a GP. CAVHIS aims to provide this service with compassion, treating each individual with respect and dignity.  In addition, the service provides for the needs of individuals whose general medical service needs cannot be met within local GP Practices due to concerns with regards to safety and risk. This element of the service is referred to as the Alternative Treatment Scheme (ATS).



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