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Staff support for Trauma

Traumatic incidents both in and outside of the workplace can have an impact upon staff wellbeing. When incidents occur they are usually accompanied by an initial sense of shock. However, for some people there may be a more lasting effect. Following a traumatic incident, individuals involved may benefit from a number of responses and some may need to access longer term psychological support. The Employee Wellbeing Service wants to support the staff of the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board by providing some tips for coping and making staff aware of therapeutic support they can also access, if needed. 

This document covers some brief tips about self-care and self-help after a traumatic event, as well as some information on when an individual should seek help. Click here.

The Employee Wellbeing Service is also able to offer staff support through

Following self-referral to our service, you will be offered a resource appointment. At this appointment, the practitioner will discuss more about what's been going on for you. They can also discuss any of these options with you, if they are appropriate for your needs. Please click here for more information about our resource appointments.

For further information on any of these documents, please do not hesitate to contact us.