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Occupational Health Clearance Process

New Pre employment Process for Occupational Health Clearances

The Occupational Health clearance process, which is part of recruitment employment checks,  is changing nationally on the 4th July 2022 in NHS Wales.  In line with the change in process, the forms have also been changed and can be found below: 

Occupational Health Self Declaration Form / FFURFLEN HUNANDDATGANIAD IECHYD GALWEDIGAETHOL Occupational Health EPP & Food Handlers Health Declaration Form / FFURFLEN DATGANIAD IECHYD GALWEDIGAETHOL



The change means that the Self Declaration form has been expanded to cover most roles, regardless of whether the applicant is internal or external to the UHB. The Full Occupational health form will now only be used for Exposure Prone Procedure roles (EPP) and Food handlers. To help managers identifying EPP roles, Occupational Health has developed a list for Cardiff and Vale UHB, available here .

The outline of the new process is on the flowchart below:

The new process will streamline pre-employment checks and reduce waiting times for clearances. OH will continue to accept the old version of the forms for 4 weeks after which the new form will only be accepted so please ensure you are uploading the new forms on TRAC to avoid any unnecessary delays

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