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New Jobs

Any new jobs that are created must go through the job evaluation process to determine the pay band before being advertised.

All jobs that are received must be on the current UHB Job Description template and have an Effort Factor Proforma (EFP) and should be submitted with the completed Job Description Matching Form.

NHS Wales JD Technical Document Template Organisation Specific- dec 23.docx

NHS Wales JD Template Organisation Specific Dec 23.docx

Job Description and Person Spec [bilingual] 

Effort Factor Proforma

Job Description Matching Form

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

Job Matching Top Tips - New Jobs Final

We are required to advertise all of our jobs in Welsh, to do this click on the link below:


N.B It is worth checking whether there is already a similar job in existence before you write a new one, to do this you should contact the HR Representative for your Clinical Board who can access the database of jobs that have been matched.  You should then submit the job under the Changed jobs process.



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