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Transition to Adult Nephrology Services

We are working hard to improve the experience of patients when their care is transferred from paediatric to adult units. This can be a stressful time and lead to problems with compliance which in turn can affect disease control, particularly impacting upon transplant survival. Interventions are in place or being developed by the teams in Liverpool for North Wales patients and Cardiff for South Wales patients to facilitate this process.

In North Wales there are the following documents giving information about transition:

In South Wales there are the following resources to aid the transition process:

  • The Ready Steady Go program. This resource has been developed by our paediatric nephrology colleagues in Southampton and is applicable to any patient with a chronic disease which will be with them when they are adults. The link gives you further information about the program and allows you to download the documentation involved. The process is usually introduced from the age of 13/14 years.
  • The employment of a youth worker, Shaun Thomas, who works in both Cardiff and Swansea.
  • A young adult clinic run by Dr Shiv Hegde (paediatric nephrologist) and Dr Sian Griffin (adult nephrologist) at UHW.
  • A young adult clinic at Morriston Hospital to facilitate the transfer of patients in West Wales to adult services. This is run by Dr Graham Smith (paediatric nephrologist), Dr Michelle Jane Ellison (paediatrician) and Dr Clare Parker (adult nephrologist).
If patients or their families wish to find out more about the transition process then they are urged to speak to their consultant or the nursing team.
We would also welcome feedback from patients and parents about the transition process as we are continually looking at ways to improve it. You can either speak to your consultant or use the feedback facility available using the link at the top of this page.
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