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Pilots/New Developments

We have now moved to new premises in the University Hospital of Wales.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

This has been successfully piloted from the 2nd of January 2013 on all our patients having major abdominal surgery (both laparoscopically and open). The programme is now fully funded and part of our departmental practice from July 2013. We are currently the only gynaeoncological surgical unit in Wales implementing this innovative programme. Within Wales the colorectal department have already successfully implemented the programme with great success and have won national awards for their work.
The aim of the programme is to ensure that patients are optimised before, during and after their surgery to allow their best outcome. Some of the innovative ways that this is being done include:-
  • Preoperative drinks
  • Careful selection of anaesthetic methods and pain relief
  • Less use of drains and nasogastric tubes
  • Early post operative feeding
  • Early post operative mobilisation
When you come in for surgery, you will have a preoperative assessment with our Cancer Nurse Specialist who will go through the programme in more detail. The programme has been implemented through the hard work of Non Phillips, our lead Cancer Nurse Specialist.
We have surveyed our patients who have been through the programme and we have had 100% positive responses about their experiences. They have told us where there could still be improvements and we are working to improve these.
To read more about the programme please click on the following link to the NHS institue for innovation and Improvement (ERAS NHS)


Symptom Driven Follow Up
We are in the process of implementing this innovative follow up strategy which will involve patients with early stage endometrial cancer. The initial pilot programme has been in place since January 2014 and this is with the support of the Continuous Service Improvement Department for the University Health Board. So far the response has been extremely positive
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