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South East Wales Gynaecological Oncology Centre

The South East Wales Gynaecological Oncology Centre is based at the University Hospital of Wales (UHW) and serves the population of South East Wales and areas of South West Wales. We are a tertiary referral hub for South Wales as well as the local referral centre for the population in Cardiff and the Vale.

Furthermore we are also a surgical training centre for gynaecological cancer as well as the regional research unit. The main surgical centre is at UHW whilst the radiology and pathology support is split between UHW and UHL. Any chemotherapy and radiotherapy activity that is required is provided by the regional oncology centre at Velindre Hospital.

Annually on average around 500 women are seen and over 300 operations performed at the centre with a diagnosis of possible or confirmed cancer. The multidisciplinary cancer team managing the cancers consists of subspecialist gynaecological cancer surgeons, cancer nurse specialists, clinical and medical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and a range of professions allied to medicine (e.g. physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dieticians).

The centre has a tradition of service provision, pioneering research and high level surgical training, which is constantly being reviewed in order to be able to provide a high quality service for the women of South Wales suffering from gynaecological cancer.

Mission Statement and Our Vision for the Future

“Our mission is to build a cohesive, multidisciplinary group delivering excellence in gynaecological cancer services to women in South East Wales.”