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The gynaecological research studies at Llandough Hospital are supported by the Wales Cancer Research Network and the South Wales Gynaecology Fund. 

You can find information below on research at Llandough Hospital. If you require any further information please phone Pip on 0292071 6045.

Information for patients

As a patient you may be approached to take part in a research study. Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has produced a range of information for members of the public about research studies. This is available on the CRUK website.
Your participation in research studies is entirely voluntary and your care will not be affected in any way if you choose not to take part. If you decide to take part in a study you will always be asked to sign a consent form of which you will get a copy. If you do decide to take part in a research study you are still free to change your mind at any time, without saying why.
All studies go through vigorous Research Ethics Committee approvals and are also reviewed regularly by these bodies. For more information visit the National Research Ethics Service website.

RT3VIN – A Randomised Trial of Topical treatment in Women with Vulval Intraepithelial Neoplasia

Vulval intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN) is a pre-cancerous skin condition affecting the vulval skin. Symptoms include itching, burning, soreness and discolouration of the vulval skin. VIN is divided into 3 stages - VIN 1, 2, 3; these stages reflect how deep the abnormal cells have gone into the vulval skin. 
VIN 3 is when the full thickness of the skin is affected. Surgery is often chosen as the treatment for this condition but is associated with high rates of recurrence and may be mutilating.  By comparison, recent small studies of new topical treatments have shown promising results that warrant further investigation as an alternative to surgery. Currently there are no licensed topical treatments for the treatment of VIN. 
RT3VIN is a randomised phase II multi-centre trial of topical treatment in women with VIN 3. Women with biopsy proven VIN 3 will be randomised to receive either a cream called imiquimod or gel called cidofovir. 
The purpose of this research is to determine whether there is evidence that either (or both) of these topical treatments is active, safe and feasible to use and would therefore warrant further investigation in a phase III setting. This trial is funded by Cancer Research UK and run by the Wales Cancer Trials Unit (WCTU) and the Cardiff HPV Research Group on behalf of Cardiff University.
As of November 2012, Llandough Hospital was the best recruiting site for this study in the country.


Wales Cancer Trials Unit website
Cardiff HPV Research Group – RT3VIN Trial

CRUK Stratified Medicine Pilot Study

One of the objectives of the stratified medicine programme pilot is to test whether molecular characterisation of tumours can be carried out as a standardised, cost-effective, routine practice during the treatment of cancer patients in the NHS. The programme aims to profile up to 9000 tumours and in order to achieve this will enrol up to 11000 patients diagnosed with various cancers. Ovarian Cancer is one of these cancers.
One of the aims of this study is to treat patients with a more individualised regime of chemotherapy based on the molecular make-up of their tumour.  Patients whose tumours show molecular changes that may make them suitable for particular forms of treatment may have the opportunity to be enrolled into separate clinical trials.  These trials are on the National Cancer Research Network (NCRN) Trial Portfolio and the National Institute for Social Care & Health Research (NISCHR) Clinical Research Portfolio.


  • CRUK website - A study looking at how to test the genes in cancer cells
  • NCRN Trial Portfolio
  • NISCHR Clinical Research Portfolio

Wales Cancer Bank 

The Wales Cancer Bank is a project that aims to collect samples of blood and tissue from patients throughout Wales. The samples collected will be used by scientists involved in cancer research. 
Patients in Wales, who are having, or have had tissue removed during surgery or a biopsy procedure, may be invited to take part. The bank would like to collect both normal tissue and cancer tissue from patients and so your tissue, blood and other samples will be useful for cancer research whether or not you have cancer.
There is a Wales Cancer Bank nurse dedicated to the gynaecology team. Patients can participate at any stage of their treatment from pre-assessment clinic, post-operatively or follow-up clinic appointment.


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